Mercury Fury

Mercury FuryThe Mercury Fury offers bass anglers the ideal propeller for inshore fishing. Bass tournament anglers looking for a standard propeller to carry them through the duration of the season need look no further than the Mercury Fury. The Fury features 3 high-progressive-rake blades that are crafted from Mercury’s patented X7 Alloy, offering reliable power throughout the season of tourney bass fishing.

The Fury has 8 PVS holes that help boats to plane quicker and provide top quality launches in shallow water. In addition, the Mercury Fury guarantees superior holding and stable handling even in rough waters, which means that anglers can get the most time on the water before weigh-in regardless of weather conditions.

The triple-bladed Fury sets the standard for bass fishing boats that carry light and medium loads, making it the ideal propeller for tournament boats that operate with a lighter load. The Fury from Mercury Propellers comes in 24 to 27-inch pitches with a right-hand rotation. It is the recommended propeller for lightly-loaded bass boats with over 200hp of outboard power.

Mercury High Five

Mercury HighFiveThe five-blade, stainless steel Mercury High Five propeller promises acceleration levels at the top of its class. The five-bladed design offers a powerful yet smooth pull, even when conditions are choppy, and has an enormous amount of surface area for transforming the power from your engine into speed.

The Mercury High Five represents the ideal fit for all stern drive runabouts with V6 power, especially when towing sports are prioritized. The propeller also has an extremely loyal following with freshwater fisherman who face choppy waters thanks to the high-performance holding that is a result of its five-bladed design. The Mercury High Five propeller will always stay hooked on, no matter how rough the going gets. It is also one of the top choices for back trolling.

The High Five comes with Mercury’s famous Performance Vent System (PVS), and comes equipped with the Flo-Torq II Hub Kit. The propeller is available in the right-hand rotation with pitches of 17, 19, 21, 23 and 25. The Mercury High Five will fit on all outboard motors over 135 horsepower, and either Alpha or Bravo One stern drives. The High Five is ideal for stern drive runabouts with V6 power and freshwater deep-V boats with outboard power.

Mercury Laser II

Mercury Laser IIThe 3-bladed, stainless steel Laser II propeller by Mercury is one of the best available choices for boaters who are looking to upgrade from using aluminum propellers. The Laser II comes from Mercury’s general-purpose class of propellers made from stainless steel, and combines high quality with Mercury’s famous durability, and all at a reasonable price.

The Mercury Laser II promises high ratings in acceleration, top speed and durability compared to aluminum propellers in the same price range. The Mercury Laser II is a recognized propeller for its strong and reliable general performance on the majority of stern-drive and outboard powered boats. The propeller is available from 19 to 26 inch pitches, and in both LH and RH rotations.

It will fit all Mercury outboards motors, as well as Bravo One and Alpha One stern drives from 75 to 125 hp. The Mercury Laser II is recommended for 75hp – 115hp deep-V aluminum boats and all bass boats with less than a 200hp outboard motor.

Mercury Spitfire

Mercury SpitFireThis propeller is designed for speed in the water. If you need a light propeller for your light high speed boat, then you should consider buying the Mercury spitfire. The Mercury spitfire rotates only from left to right. It is not designed to be used in a vented system. That is largely due to the fact that it is designed to deliver maximum speed.

It is compatible with multiple boats. Some of the boats that can use this propeller include offshore fishing boats, inshore fishing boats, cruisers, bass, and deck-boats among others. The Mercury spitfire propeller is made of Mercalloy. The Mercalloy is designed to withstand small impact that will not damage the boat’s engine.

This propeller has a total of four blades. They are all designed to offer the boat that uses this propeller that maximum push through the water. They have a slightly higher sound signature but that compensate that with speed. The Mercury Spitfire is the best propeller to buy if you need to drive light aluminum boats or pontoon boats.

Mercury Tempest Plus

Mercury Tempest PlusThe mercury tempest propeller plus propeller is designed to be powered by 135 hp and above. It is designed to drive you offshore and back without failure. Let us look at what makes them so reliable. It is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is one the strongest metals used to make object that are subjected to heavy leads. It is also resistant to corrosion. Those two factors make it suitable for handling heavy loads under salty and fresh water.

This propeller is available in multiple pitches. The pitches range from 17 to 29. The different pitches determine how fast your boat will be able to travel when the propeller is supplied with the same amount of torque. The mercury tempest propeller plus is designed to be use in a vented system. That reduces the amount of stress that it is subjected to and prolongs its life.

It comes with three blades which are ideal for a more silent push through the water. This propeller can be fitted to boast used for inshore, bass, and offshore. This propeller can rotate either to the left or to the right. This propeller is recommended for use with outboards that can supply it with 135hp and above. If you need a strong and reliable propeller, then consider this stainless steel mercury tempest propeller plus.

Mercury Trophy Plus

Mercury Trophy PlusIf you need power and speed then this propeller may be just what you need. It comes with several features that are designed to enhance it speed and while steel being able to push some heavy weight. This propeller rotates from right to left only. That means that it only drives the boat forward at great speeds. However, it cannot you cannot use this propeller to assists you in braking.

As you would expect, this propeller has four blades to help it gather maximum thrust. That is one of the reasons it can maintain a high speed. The stainless steel construction means that this propeller can withstand large forces. It can also bite into some obstacle as it pushes you forward without suffering lots of damage. The stainless steel construction also means that it is resistant to corrosion.

This propeller can be used by an engine that is capable of supply 135 hp and above. A propeller that is design to handle lower power ratings will damage an engine that is able to give more power. That is because it will not be able to transfer all the power delivered to it into the water to generator thrust. This propeller is best for offshore fishing, inshore fishing, and bass fishing boats. This propeller can be used with a venting system to reduce stress on its blades.

The Mercury Trophy Plus is available with the following pitches. These are 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 21, 19, and 17. The greater the pitch, the greater the speed the propeller can provide per revolution. If you are looking for speed and power, this propeller will serve your boat very well.

Mercury Trophy Sport

Mercury Trophy SportThe Mercury Trophy Sport can handle any speed and any turn easily. It’s one of the choices you would love if you have a bay and flat boat. It also works great for deep-V aluminum boats. With stainless steel, you do not have to worry about corrosion any longer- a common problem many boat owners have. Add to it the fact that you have different boat types available for your needs- from the inshore fishing boats to inflatable soft hull boats and Pontoon boats.

You also have a choice between different pitches, from 12 to 15. There is the Flo-Torq propeller, which can help you maneuver your boats easily. You can shift easily, and won’t have to worry about the noise. Should you hit any object underwater, do not worry. The propeller will dismantle itself and save the lower unit of the boat. All that you would need to go to the water is to buy yourself a new hub.

Mercury Vengeance

Mercury VengeanceThe mercury vengeance is an all round propeller that is designed to for speed and power. It targets small and medium sized boats. Let us take a look at some of its defining features. It is available in 14 different pitches that range from 9 to 23. That means you get a smooth curve from one that offers maximum speed to one that offers maximum thrust.

This propeller is not designed to be used with a vented system. It is designed to withstand maximum thrust as it pushes the boat through the water. It is made of stainless steel. That guarantees you that it will withstand both speed, thrust, and corrosion. The stainless steel material is one of the strongest materials that can be used for in the propeller construction.

The Mercury Vengeance Propeller can be used for LH and RH rotation. That means you may use it for braking if you need to slow down fast. It features three blades that are designed for silent operation and speed.

This propeller can be used with the following boats. It can be used with a Runabout that is an open bow or cuddy, a pontoon, houseboat, deck boat, bass, inshore fishing boat, cruiser, and an inflatable with a soft hull. It fits an Alpha drive or an outboard whose power rating ranges from 20hp to 250hp. If your boat needs a propeller with the above features, then the Mercury Vengeance Propeller is what you need to buy.